A Poets thought Process

August 29, 2010

Driven on the Brink of my emotions I teeter totter between the sane and the insane as I cry myself to sleep for not being able to choose between Bologna or ham for tonights dinner. It started earlier and i went threw an emotional crisis that lead me into bed early on a Friday night.

number 24 car running over my daughter inlaw

In one hand I held the Bolgna which I thought to myself, “Why do they spell it that way, with an Fuckn G”. In the Other hand I held the ham, and just below these two precious meats on the counter was my damn flimsy bread.

I looked at the bread which had apparently got squished, flattened, trampled over and steam rolled.  I felt a surge of anger as my mind started to recall the little pimple pocked face with red hair back at the grocery store as he was cramming my food into one bag.

Obviously he was trying to save money, or maybe even protect those endangered plastic trees I so most often hear about. Save a Plastic Tree, build another “Lead made” Chinese Toy” I always say.. Well not really but you get where i’m going with this…. Back to the Pimple Puss…

Well as I was swiping the plastic debit card I pulled out of the purse fom the lady behind me, part of me, I guess the eyes in the back of my head notice this young puke cramming my groceries into the plastic bag with one hand while picking his damn nose with the other.

Instead of blowing up and embarrassing the little puke I decided to let it slide because thats the kind of poet I am. Plus I think the lady behind me was considering that I may have had my hand in her purse. She looked at me with such a stair and her double chins were doing a little wave at me.

Anyhow I got out of there as soon as possible and here I am caught in a heck of a dilemma. My arms are starting to hurt and I have no real bread in site only the thoughts of punching some little carrot top prick in the face for ruining my dinner.

I could feel the blood pressure rise till finally I threw the meat at the door and yelled a couple of obsenities in the air as if anyone could hear me. Almost instantaneously I heard some stomping on the floor above me as Miss Gravely screamed “Shut Up” loud enough to drowned out the barking comming from my neighbors apartment.

I hate that freaking dog, you think one of these orientals around here would just eat him and end my misery. I tried to drop him off at a chinese restaraunt once but they yelled at me in some language I was not used to hearing except for one four letter word. “Jerk”

So it looks like tonight I’ll just escape into my little poetic fun house world I call my head where I am almost always the most popular guy around but still seem to get my ass kicked anyway. You think that if its your dream you should be the one kickin butt, would’nt ya?

I lay in the bed for what seems like hours but realisticly has only been 37 seconds and I am feeling a bit hungry still. I reach through my pants pockets looking for something and find what appears to be a couple tic tacs that must have been washed in my pants awhile back. I pop thm in my mouth and they still taste as fresh as ever.

I start to wonder again about the stupid “Bologna”, and now I am thinking I should find out what idiot spelled it this way and do the world a favor by taking him out for good. I mean whats next….. Its people like that who run for president and almost win… You know Like Ross Perrot.

Now that my mind is thinking pollitically I start to wonder “Did Obama name Bologna, or did the Bolgna man Name Obama? Will never know because who really knows what country Obama was born in….

Snore….snore…snore…. I am asleep….THE END


Pink Laptops are Born

May 15, 2010

I was around when the first laptop was ever created, I’ve seen the transformation in going portable during this continuious computing revoltion and now the choices we have comes in pink.

Laptops that come in Pink

Pink Computing has arrived!

It use to be that it was what was in the laptop such as memory, hard disk space, and free programs we were offered that excited us to purchase a laptop. We searched out price, we searched for speed but I never thought we would search for color.

Today Laptops are offered in different shades of Pink including “Hot Pink”! Though computing was often a nerdy thing today it has become a necessary tool to hook-up to the internet, to plug in, even to surf through dating sites.

Pink looks good on the laptop as it calls out to many young girls and women. Who cares whats in the computer,”Just give me the Pink”. Actually these Pink Laptops have more then color, they are loaded with memory, speed, and storage. They are not only attractive but an excellent buy for anyone shopping for a laptop with the love for the color Pink.

Where can I find a Pink Laptop?

“Believe it or not an online Pink Guitar Center called PinkAcousticGuitar”. If you want to check out the available choices of Laptops painted with the female color Pink then Check these Laps out http://www.pinkacousticguitar.com/LaptopPinkComputer.html

Poetry Review “Breathe of a Demon” by Jeff Pelsang

October 25, 2009


Poetry Review


“Breathe of a Demon”

By Jeff Pelsang

Some Halloween Poems seem as if taken from a child’s book but reading “Breathe of a Demon”, leaves a reader feeling that creativity is not dead in America. Being able to write from the mind is often hard to put to paper but this writer has done skillfully as he has crafted a poem worth reading.

As you can see from the opening of his poem he has infused faith into this Halloween poem allowing Halloween to be more about ones Beliefs and faith instead of the typical poem you might read.

“I lost my
faith this Halloween and allowed the Demons to take control,

gathered in close to me and I felt their breathe and sniffing from more than
one nose,

In my
selfish ways I blamed God for all my troubles and the position I was in,

just on the Horizon and here I am broke again,”

Breathe of a Demon in my opinion is a work of art, a joy to read, and a poem that not only provokes thought but has you feeling what the character is going through. His Faith tied to this poem
with ease is easily understood as is the pain he goes through as he has lost
his faith and connection with God.


To read this poem Breathe of a Demon







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Halloween Poetry

October 25, 2009
Haunt your Readers by Writing Halloween Poems

Haunt your Readers by Writing Halloween Poems

Poetryscriber once again has stayed on Topic with this week and the comming week poets will be writing poems on Halloween

With writers already ontop of things there has been poems already created and crafted by some of the best writers online. The diversified community of writers has once again dove into their minds to write some very entertaining stories and poetry on Halloween.

Halloween is the time of year that involves many emotions including the emotions and our poets will try to write and entertain seeking to achieve one of the emotions listed below from their readers.

GROSSED OUTHauntedSurprisedFUNNYTerrified

KEYWORDS to use for Halloween Poetry

Halloween,fear,scare,horror,terrified,trick or treat,mask,costume,witch,scarry movie,Happy Halloween,fright night,skeleton,corpse,pumpkin,Boo,ghost,goblins,spooky,Halloween Poem,Poet,halloween mask,scare,terrified,fear,monsters,Halloween Candy,Headless Horseman,Pumpkin,Jack O lantern,Witch,Goblins,Ghost,Ghouls,

Please come and read, Join and Write, and most of all have a safe and Happy Halloween!


The Poet

Swine Flu Chaos

May 6, 2009

Swine Flu Epidemic,Pandemic, or what?

“People around the world are unsure about the Swine Flu and the way the media is handling one could certainly understand”

Their is a real fear about getting the swine flu and this is a good thing. Some people may think were over reacting but isn’t it better to be “Safe then Sorry”?

What to do about the Swine Flu Scare?

Take it serious as the consequences of getting ill could mean the possibiliity of death. Now I know the odds are very low but in times of uncertainty you better protect yourself and your family.

Some people say that its not worse then the regular flu but in all reality people have died and I would rather not play Russian roulette with my children.

Are the School closings a bit overreacting?

“Not at all”, as they close down they separate what I call the breeders of disease. Yes your children spread the flu and any other disease faster then any group around as they transport every imaginable virus, cold, flu, and other diseases with ease into large groups of other children.

Your children are more social then most adults so they are spreading it faster then the “Myspace Boom”! So for schools to keep them separate in times of uncertainty is a major plus and I applaud those school systems that have taken the initiative.

The CDC (Center of Disease Control) changes it’s mind

After the CDC took time to evaluate the situation and listened to many whining parents with concerns mainly about where to put their children, they backed off and said kids should go back to school.

It makes you wonder if their basis is on the safety and health of the children or the wishes of working parents during a time when the job market is at it’s lowest. If you think about it the swine flu could keep the economy stagnate if people are worried about their kids and have to miss days at their jobs.

What should parents do?

Take whatever precautions necessary to protect your family. Use your fear and unease to overprotect your children until this flu subsides. Be proactive to prevent the spread of sickness in your work place and at home by following some of the suggestions listed below.

  1. Wash your hands often and especially when using or touching areas that are touched often by others such as handles,doorknobs,sinks, faucets, and etc..
  2. Teach your kids about washing their hands. Have them get into a good habit by washing your hands when they do. Show them they are not the only ones washing their hands often.
  3. Don’t share the same drink with family members or friends. This is one of the easiest ways to prevent the flu from spreading.
  4. During the flu season or anytime their is a virus concern it is best to stay away from crowds of people. If you have to be around crowds when the flu is prevalent then where a mask without the worry of what other people think. The lives and health of your family should override this.
  5. If you have symptoms of the flu see your family doctor ASAP but bring a mask just in case the lobby is full of sick people. If you didn’t have the flu before you got there then you might pick it up from other sick people there coughing and spreading the germs.
  6. Use your head by keeping your environment clean and disinfected. Use lysol or bleach and clean sinks,door knobs, bathrooms, child toys, and etc around the house.
  7. If your children’s friends come over ask their parents before hand if their kids have shown any symptoms such as coughing, headaches, fever or etc.. You may seem a bit overprotective but that’s because you love your children. Do what it takes to protect them as it is your job to keep them safe.

I hope these tips have been helpful and welcome any suggestions or comments.

Thank you

The Poetryscriber

Mothers Day Gifts

April 26, 2009

Giving a gift to Mom

Well its that time of year to think about what a Great Mother you have as Mother’s Day approaches and you need to start thinking about how to thank her.

Before you buy your Mom a gift think about what the gift means to her. If you run out and get her an Ipod then to me it is just an item. I dont care how much she wants one it will still not be the appropriate Mother’s Day gift.

Your mom has created many memories for you and there is nothing more valuable then giving her something to remember. So stay away from expensive stuff and start to think about how to touch her heart.

Unique Gifts for Mom – as a Poet I have a natural tendency to climb into situations of others and feel what they might be feeling. This is what you need to do as you take time to think about the perfect gift. If your giving flowers you need to give her something she would not expect but something she would be blown away with. Flowers by themselves are not unique but when added to the gift as a whole will make her day that much more special.

I will create a Top Ten list of Mothers Day gifts for you to consider in the hopes you wont blow it once again. Remember that Mothers day only comes once a year so choose the gifts to bring tears to her eyes.

Here is a Top Ten List of Gifts For your Mom:

  1. Family Video- create a video using old pictures and put them to music. Be sure to pick out some really tear jerking songs to hit the mother load of emotions.
  2. Make her a Card- By actually creating a card you show that you are personally getting involved with her gift. If you are not at all artistic try and find a card that you can record your voice and leave her a message.
  3. Write her a poem – Writing a poem can really touch her unless your writing ability is totally lame. I suggest you go to Poetryscriber and see if you can borrow a poem to give to your mom or get a couple of ideas for your own poem.
  4. Take her on a Picnic – Pic the most beautiful setting and get other people involved to make it a celebration. Have your mother do nothing to help instead be prepared prior so she cant even offer any assistance.
  5. Lunch and a Movie –This is only good if she loves movies and theres one playing that she really wants to see.
  6. Have a plaque engraved for her – Find a mothers day card and go to a trophy and engraving place. Have them engrave whats on the card onto the plaque and personalize it. My ex -wife has a company called Trophy on Wheels and can aid you with this. She is located in Arlington Texas.
  7. A DaySpa –what better way to treat her as she relaxes and gets treated like royalty. I love this one but it can be expensive to say the least. Check it out anyway because whats exensive to me maybe cheap to you.
  8. Start her day Early – If she drinks coffee show up to her house early with some Starbucks coffee. Bring her some doughnuts or pastries and plan for a whole day of fun if possible.
  9. Write her a letter telling her some of the things she has done for you –we often celebrate Mothers Day but often dont go into detail why she is so special. What better way to do this then in a letter recalling times and events she was there for you and how much you appreciated it.
  10. Make her a Web site loaded with family pictures- A web site with all the pictures you can possibly upload will help her to reflect on the past years and may bring tears to her eyes. Let other family members upload pictures to the site so she can see all of her kids and grand kids.

I hope this was helpful and wish all the Mothers out there a very Happy Mother’s Day!!!


Inspirational Poetry to lift your Spirits

April 11, 2009

“To be motivated is uplifting to be Inspiring is a gift”


With the thoughts of becoming the next lay off statistic-Take time to stay in the positive by reading uplifting and Inspirational poetry. It is a fact that a positive mind will be reflected to those who surround you. In doing so you will make yourself more likely to not be laid off.

Read Inspirational Poetry Now!

Writing Inspirational Poetry – If you think reading poetry that gives you a lift is awesome you ought to try writing poetry for yourself. Writing poetry in a positive format will help you become more positive and hopeful about your future. The more hope and faith you put into your writing the easier it will be to handle and deal with any situation thrown your way.

How do I write Poetry – Writing poetry is as easy as riding a bike. You have to just make up your mind and then just do it. There are several things you have to consider before you start writing.

  • Whose your audience – young,old,lovers,musicians,children? It is very important to think about your reader and the type of people you want to write for.
  • Audience reaction – Do you want your audience to laugh,cry, smile, or be inspired or sad? For your poem to work and become a piece of art you need to move your audience.
  • Poem Flow – When the poem is read it should flow very smoothly. One sentence should easily flow into the next as the poem pulls the reader in.
  • Online place to write – Finding a place to write that will be honest with you about your work is very important. Many online poetry sites try to sell you your own work or try to figure out how to milk you for money. You just need a place that is easy for you to write and gives you a presence with the ability to be read and commented on. Here is one Online Poetry writing site I think you should join and write at.
  • Be very descriptive in your writing – A good poem or any writing at all will be very descriptive which helps the reader not only feel your work but pulls them into it as they feel the emotions and can view the picture your creating.
  • Have fun and enjoy writing– Writing is creating and with the creation of every work your proud of will come a sense of enjoyment and accomplishment. Take your time and get into your work. Some days you will be able to write non stop and some days you’ll run into a brick wall. Just have fun and go with your own flow at your own pace.

Hopefully I have helped inspire you to write or point you in the right direction.  Be inspired and Write!

Seeing the World with Different Eyes

April 4, 2009

“Appreciate the Life You have”

Your life is better then you may know

Looking at your life for the first time– Most people are programmed by the media and society to judge themselves on in material things such as cars,houses, and other items that mean absolutely nothing to true happiness.

Instead I want you to open up your mind and see the real picture of your life that has been hidden for many years. To do this I want you to look at people who are not programmed yet by society.

  • Watch a child and see how he sees the world. Notice that he or she is fascinated by everything around them and overall are happy just to have the basic necessities.
  • Look at a pair of sparrows that chase and play with each other in the tress. They are also enjoying life without any fancy items.
  • Look at people who smile allot and you’ll see that there is more to life then how you are doing economically.
  • Look at an older man or woman who seems to enjoy there job greeting people at Walmart. You may even talk to them and ask them how they are. Usually those people who are happy in life have understood that happiness is not found in a dollar but within their own self.

Finding Happiness in baby steps – to find your happiness I want you to realise what you have that is important to you. I also want you to pay attention to one of the most things you should celebrate each and every day.

Would you be thrilled to win a “Million Dollars”, and would you jump for joy and celebrate this? Of course you would, we all would. The how should you value waking up in the morning?  What is the value of having another day of life? I’ll put it this way, ” Would you rather have another day of life or a million dollars?

If you are in your right mind then you would have chosen another day of life. Every morning I want you to smile, even jump for joy to celebrate another chance, another day to “Be”.

Appreciate Nature – Wake up early one morning and look at the trees and plants, the natural view that surrounds us, the birds who fly the skies, and the noises you may here from song birds or the wind. The gifts are out there and you need to stop taking them for granted. If you live in the city then find a park and a bench and sit and observe. Chances are you will take a break from your busy schedule and start to see things that a child sees.

Look towards friends or family– They are there and you have to understand that they are a great value. So let them know how lucky you are to have them in your life. If you have children look at them as they sleep. The gifts that lay there like little angels should be all to make you, “get down on your needs and thank the Lord”.

Look to those who have not even the basics– Children chase a bag caught in the wind in a small poor town in Mexico. This bag has become a toy that has lit up their faces as if it was Christmas Morning. They have nothing and are lucky to eat 3 square meals a day. Their houses are made of garbage, old tin, whatever can keep the rain off of them.

Now look at your own life and feel ashamed as you had once felt that life is not fair, that everything goes wrong for you, that you should have a better life…..

Smile, enjoy life with the understanding that everyday is your opportunity and life is short but you are one of the lucky ones to have been born and wake up each and every day.

Call your family and let them know that you love!!!

Emotional Outbursts make good reading

April 4, 2009

Poetry or writing can explode into A good Write with Emotions

“To be a good writer it takes more then just a couple of well placed words tot give depth to the story or poem”.

Poetryscriber is a great place to channel your emotions into poetry!

Poetryscriber is a great place to channel your emotions into poetry!

Emotions at their best – By channeling the emotions you have into a story and using very descriptive words to bring them to the surface of the read you will allow the reader to enjoy those same feelings your trying to get across. Emotional writing can be at times chaos at best but when you develop the talents of a writer and your mind can focus more on the reader and how they feel as they take each emotional packed sentence then and only then will you attract an audience that begs for more.

Writers that Rarely Read– If your a writer that enjoys writing but has a tendency to not like reading, “Your not alone”. Many good writers have such vivid imaginations that it is more of a release to write and cant be duplicated by reading for them. These writers are often emotional people with strong feelings that are shared with all those who surround them. The biggest mistake you can make with one of these writers is in asking them to keep a secret.

Passion Writing– Passion can also fall under the category of Emotional outbursts. Most writers who create poems and or short stories based on sex or passion tend to be often in an excited state and rarely are they satisfied with their own sexual relationships. They write to explore places they cant or have not been able to go as to experience things that they may normally not be able to do.

If you find yourself to be more emotional then the average person maybe you should be writing and or creating– Even in art Passion and bursts of emotion can dazzle a painting, bring sculptures to life, and make the eyes that view the pieces open up to see what the artist was shooting for. Your talent maybe hidden and you might have to explore several different forms of creating. Use those emotions you have and push them into your creative side and you might even surprise yourself with your new found abilities.

Whatever tool allows you to write freely Use It!

Whatever tool allows you to write freely Use It!


How to write Love Poetry that Touches the Heart

April 3, 2009

Love poems can feed the fire and Spark Romance

There are many reasons why people write poetry but today I am going to go over one of the most written topics in Poetry, “Love”.

Love is one of the most sought and needed feelings to survive and give purpose to ones life. There is such a small percentage of people who are truly independent and not in need to be wanted or loved by someone. For the masses we set goals in life, choose careers we like, dream about inanimate objects, but overall our needs are very simple. Our need are to be loved, needed and wanted and then to produce an offspring with the one that we love.

It sounds simple until you actually go out there and try to find that very special person. There are tricks to finding the person and usually they are very simple yet can produce very positive results. The one trick, or rather skill is using language to capture an audience. The language is Love and the way we will transport it to the one we seek is through poetry.

Now some of you maybe thinking that it is corny or just wont work. If Love poetry is delivered properly and written well not only will it work but it will capture a persons heart. The problem with most poetry is not its content but its direct way of putting the recipient on the spot. Below I will make a list which should structure your writing for a greater percentage of positive responses.

  • Love poetry should be filled with descriptions that targets the heart and not the individual. What I mean is to write about how a person makes you feel without using their name. Instead do something such as the example below

Example: I feel her eyes as they glance at me, my knees grow weak and my heart races, my palms are sweaty and planned words evaporate from my mind,  She is more then a friend and more then a joy, she is an inspiration with a beauty that toys with my dreams, what is it that magically without effort captures my attention,

The poetry above shows a love but never places the subject reader in the path to decide but to read on and be flattered. She or he may know its about them but at the same time they are not targeted.

  • Love poetry only works on someone who has an interest in you or has glanced your way with that smile. “You know the smile I’m talking about”

When you share a poem with someone you like you may want to ask them if they could read it and comment on it. Tell them its a hobby of yours and you’d like them to check it out before you post it online. Also let them know how much you trust their opinion on your writing know matter if they like it or not. This will instill a trust between the both of you. It will also show them that you have feelings and a romance about you that maybe worth exploring.

  • During and after watch and observe them reading your poem.

Their eyes and smile will give you the information that you need to move forward if there is the possibility of anything happening with them. Usually they will get into your poem and read it slow if there is any interest at all. They will appear to be patient and savoring every word.

  • Ask them if you can write a poem about them

If all goes well then ask them if you could write a poem about them. Let them know that they are unique and it would be enjoyable to write about them. With this they will become curious and most likely say that it would be ok or cool.

This is the best way to push romance forward and discover if the person you like will want to start a relationship. Take it slow but feed it with writing, poems, compliments and many smiles!

I hope this has helped you in some way, and if you need an online place to write then please take a peak at the site I love best POETRYSCRIBER Read the rest of this entry »